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Book Review

Worlds Between

by Julia Jenkins

This is an engaging and sympathetic tale of families and cultures, and the choices that shape them. Carl Nordgren’s "Worlds Between" is the second in the River of Lakes series, which began with The 53rd Parallel. With dual settings in... Read More

Book Review

The Afghan File Affair

by Shannan Spitz

Kasper’s considerable knowledge of the Cold War era makes this thriller informative. It’s the mid 1980s, and Nick Gamble, the protagonist of this serpentine story of intrigue and conspiracy, is an American journalist living in Italy.... Read More

Book Review

Cruise Widows

by Felicia Topp

This historical novel shows what daily life was like for women whose husbands were away at war. Hope Moore’s "Cruise Widows" tells the story of five Navy wives and the lives they lead while their husbands are away on a nine-month tour... Read More

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