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Book Review

Autumnal Heart

by Matt Sutherland

The gentle nudge to pause, listen, look for deeper meaning or humor—especially at the worst of times—is ever present in Sue Scalf’s poetry. But her blood runs plenty hot, and that opposition between the thoughtful and the... Read More

Book Review

A Fine How Do You Do

by Jade Belzberg

This light and readable novel is full of eccentric and charming characters. "A Fine How Do You Do" by Patty Dickson follows a devoted husband of forty years as he abandons his Pennsylvania hometown and takes up residence in a quaint,... Read More

Book Review

Nuclear Rogue

by CJ Triplett

A splendid combination of action, intrigue, and political struggles make this a standout thriller. Robert W. Barker’s "Nuclear Rogue" is an entertaining, clever, and hair-raising modern-day thriller that skirts the borders of... Read More

Book Review

Iniquities of Gulch Fork

by Charlene Oldham

Realistic depictions of Ozark life and surviving memories of war make this novel compelling. Sara Rhodes and Bob Smith’s "Iniquities of Gulch Fork" is the believable story of vulnerable people falling prey to a con man, addiction, and... Read More

Book Review

Cultural Migration

by CJ Triplett

This is an exemplary and fascinating work of African cultural and historical documentation. A fresh and insightful look into a sorely neglected aspect of history, Zac Adama’s Cultural Migration: A Short History of Nkrankwanta and Anyii... Read More

Book Review

First Light

by J. G. Stinson

Themes of friendship and faith thread through Bill Noel’s lively, likable Southern mystery tale. Themes of friendship and faith thread through Bill Noel’s ninth Folly Beach mystery, First Light, a lively novel set on a South Carolina... Read More

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