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Book Review


by Eileen Gonzalez

"Affect" is a surreal novel about death, love, existence, and nonexistence. A woman grapples with intense philosophical questions and romantic feelings for a classmate in Charlene Elsby’s novel "Affect". She met Logan at the university... Read More

Book Review

My Good Son

by Paige Van De Winkle

About difficult and rewarding connections across generational and cultural divides, Yang Huang’s novel "My Good Son" is a captivating masterpiece centered around a father and son in post-Tiananmen Square China. Despite Mr. Cai’s best... Read More

Book Review

Vintage Shops London

by Rebecca Foster

Designer Michelle Mason, the cofounder of the East London vintage shop Mason & Painter, delivers "Vintage Shops London", a thorough introduction to where savvy shoppers can find “pre-loved” bargains. Secondhand shopping is a... Read More

Book Review

Dead Serious

by Rachel Jagareski

Clever prose and gifted storytelling enliven Eli J. Knapp’s "Dead Serious", a weighty book about how species are being steamrolled toward extinction that nonetheless argues that a better future is possible. Knapp, a self-branded... Read More

Book Review

In Praise of Retreat

by Melissa Wuske

Kirsteen MacLeod’s "In Praise of Retreat" is a body, mind, and spirit book that invites refuge away from the noise. In today’s hyperconnected climate, wherein the idea of stepping away is unthinkable, this book calls stepping back an... Read More

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