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Book Review

A House Full of Windsor

by John M. Murray

A hoarding matriarch throws a family into disarray in the endearing novel "A House Full of Windsor". Sarah delivers advice as the host of a beloved morning show segment in New York. When the ratings drop, she begins to have doubts about... Read More

Book Review

The Pepperstorm

by Danielle Ballantyne

Crayon-like illustrations and a cool palette with spots of yellow and pink portray this mischievous take on why elephants are afraid of mice, available in English and Spanish editions. The mice have grown tired of the elephants never... Read More

Book Review

In Search of the Owl

by Aimee Jodoin

"In Search of the Owl" is a beautiful memoir about life’s cyclical nature, which is observed across a year of grief and healing. Jean E. Sidinger’s poignant memoir "In Search of the Owl" is about the year she spent grieving after her... Read More

Book Review

David and Ameena

by Claire Foster

Meatballs, free jazz, and subway singers? This is a fine romance. A fanciful courtship flourishes between two artistic loners in "David and Ameena", whose leads deal with connections, synchronicity, and cultural differences. David and... Read More

Book Review

Blind Ambition

by Edith Wairimu

A mother’s sudden death leads to the uncovering of shocking family secrets in Lutishia Lovely’s intriguing novel "Blind Ambition". Drained from a grueling divorce and wanting to change things for herself and her son, Chantel moves... Read More

Book Review

A Better Life

by Camille-Yvette Welsch

In poems both elegiac and snarky, Randall Mann questions what makes a better life for a middle-aged gay man living through the historic days of Covid and a federal assault on LGBTQ+ rights. The poems, though focused through the lens of... Read More

Book Review

Anyone for Edmund?

by Wendy Hinman

Simon Edge’s rollicking novel "Anyone for Edmund?" romps through Medieval British history with style. A team of archaeologists discovers the bones of St. Edmund, the English king and martyr, beneath tennis courts that are near the... Read More

Book Review

Migratory Birds

by Julia Rittenberg

Part memoir, part history, and part travelogue, "Migratory Birds" explores the vicissitudes of language. Mariana Oliver touches down in various times and places, showing how people described their difficulties there and then, and... Read More

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