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Book Review

Sky Rider

by Michelle Anne Schingler

At a time when the West was still wild, an aspiring businessman opened a daring new travelling attraction, with gas balloons capable of carrying humans into the sky. He broke records across the West and, eventually, the world. His feats... Read More

Book Review

Drowned Town

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

In western Kentucky, towns along the Cumberland River were replaced by Lake Barkley during a dam project. Residents were told “their sacrifice was for the public good.” Jayne Moore Waldrop’s novel "Drowned Town" is about what they... Read More

Book Review

Life Sciences

by Eileen Gonzalez

A young woman struggles with an inexplicable malady and the weight of her family history in Joy Sorman’s novel "Life Sciences". Ninon has always known about the family curse: every eldest daughter will at some point be stricken by a... Read More

Book Review


by Rachel Jagareski

Katerina Nitsou’s "Macedonia" is a vibrant introduction to a Balkan culture and cuisine that is “modest, simple, and honest.” Though there is a present-day country of North Macedonia, Nitsou’s work identifies Macedonia as a... Read More

Book Review

Bitter Magic

by Catherine Thureson

Based on the life story of a confessed witch, Nancy Hayes Kilgore’s engrossing historical novel "Bitter Magic" concerns a teenager with a dangerous interest in magic. In the harsh religious climate of seventeenth-century Scotland,... Read More

Book Review


by Peter Dabbene

A pair of telepaths fight for their lives, and the future, in the surreal, poetic science fiction world of the graphic novel "Celestia". Celestia is an island that once served as refuge from a great invasion. Now, it’s inhabited by... Read More

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