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Book Review

Waist Away

by Lauren Kramer

"Waist Away" reads like one of those long, candid conversations you’ve always wanted to have with your family doctor. The kind you never get to enjoy because everyone’s watching the clock and other patients are waiting. But if you... Read More

Book Review


by Carrie Wallace

Sandy Newbigging built a small empire with his mindfulness training methodology, the “mind detox method,” complete with lavish spa retreat options in Turkey and Australia for his students. In "Thunk!", his latest offering, he teaches... Read More

Book Review

Drop the Charges

by Diane Taylor

A co-pastor of a church in the United Kingdom, Agnes Mensah-Bonsu believes that Christians must learn to forgive those who transgress against them. Few would argue that the Christian obligation to forgive others, in the same way that... Read More

Book Review

The End

by J. G. Stinson

Freelance writer and editor Laura Barcella has capitalized on the whole 2012 mythos with this compilation of fifty pop-culture items (books, films, music, TV series, art and comic books among them) which have the end of the world as... Read More

Book Review

Manager Mechanics

New managers have to deal with so many thorny issues that they may sometimes wonder if it’s worth it. In his excellent book, "Manager Mechanics", Eric Bloom addresses these issues with honesty, insight, and humor. One refreshing aspect... Read More

Book Review

An Essay Toward the Other

Today’s technology is awe-inspiring. Our gadgets and doodads may be user-friendly, but the majority of us cannot explain or understand the science behind their functioning. We take their operation at face value: when we push a button,... Read More

Book Review

The Journey to Be Your Own Best Friend

“If you improve the quality of your thinking you will you must inevitably improve the quality of your life.” So posits Paula Klee Parish the CEO of Performance Solutions Inc. and a professional development educator who offers a... Read More

Book Review

The Pets

In "The Pets" (Open Letter Books/University of Nebraska Press, 978-1-934824-01-6), Icelandic writer Bragi Ólafsson gives us Emil Halldorsson, who experiences a similar dislocation in a more contemporary setting and without the drastic... Read More

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