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Book Review

Playing with Players

by Joseph S. Pete

The reflective novel "Playing with Players" dives deep into the intricacies of Canadian tax codes and the broader meaning of the law. In Chris Stock’s novel "Playing with Players", an eccentric but skilled Canadian tax auditor... Read More

Book Review

Deadly Arts

by Wendy Hinman

"Deadly Arts" is a complicated mystery centered on a mysterious crime. In Ken Brigham’s mystery "Deadly Arts", a perplexing situation comes to the attention of a legendary former police detective. The death of a Nashville artist... Read More

Book Review

Moral Hazards

by Benjamin Welton

"Moral Hazards" is an instructional thriller with a clear and important message. Tim Martin’s "Moral Hazards" is a didactic political thriller about rape and war-torn East Africa. Anik Belanger is an idealistic human rights lawyer who... Read More

Book Review

On Cold Iron

by Rachel Jagareski

"On Cold Iron" is an outstanding historical and technical study of an avoidable human tragedy. "On Cold Iron", Dan Levert’s history and critique of the 1907 collapse of the Quebec Bridge, starts with an extended account of the Ritual... Read More

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