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Yoga Secrets for Business Success

Most people probably wouldn’t associate yoga

with business, but the author hopes to change that. In this book, he explains how established Kundalini yoga techniques can be used to combat stress in the workplace and in personal life. Khalsa has been practicing yoga for over twenty years and has been bringing it into the corporate workplace since 1979, when he taught a free midday class at his job. In 1999, after performing the meditation for transformation for 150 consecutive days, he left his corporate career to focus full-time on yoga and stress management, starting his own company whose clients include large corporations.

At the beginning of several chapters, he shares anecdotes about workplace situations in which the successful application of yoga techniques helped a coworker overcome a problem situation. One story tells about Jamal Malamud, a store owner who had slept fitfully for months due to increased pressures from his expanding business. After trying a simple yoga exercise for falling asleep, he was able to get lasting relief.

The book is organized in short manageable chapters, structured according to a hierarchy of needs: survival, security, belonging, esteem, and self-realization, and within each section are chapters devoted to related topics. In the security section, for example, chapters focus on specific issues such as overcoming fears and phobias, crisis situations, conquering depression, anger management, clarity and focus, and improving intuition. Each chapter contains one or more exercises or meditations targeted for the specific need. The full-color photographs depict a mix of tranquil scenes as well as step-by-step illustrations of the yoga positions in each exercise.

What is wonderful about this book is that it refutes the old stereotypes about yoga being all about contorting one’s body like a pretzel to achieve nirvana. Many of the exercises and meditations can be practiced right in the office. In a matter of minutes they can be used to energize, relax, relieve headaches, manage anger, reduce stress, or sharpen concentration. This book clearly demonstrates that there is something in yoga for everyone, that not all of it is difficult, and that it has some very practical and healthy applications in today’s business world.

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