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Will the Real Human Being Please Stand Up!

Discovering Your Hidden Self

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

Will the Real Human Being Please Stand Up! is an unusual and innovative perspective on life in the womb and the role it plays in human growth and development.

Jean Mastellone’s Will the Real Human Being Please Stand Up! is a clairvoyant’s account of what fetuses experience in the womb and how those experiences hold the key to a fulfilling life.

The book declares that by the time human beings are born they have already developed distinctive personalities based on the choices they made in utero. Here, unborn humans are seen as “pure potential,” with a physical body, an energetic body, a mind, feelings, and the ability to make choices. The book argues that a fetus’s reactions and choices are hidden within the subconscious mind, shaping later character and behavior.

From this perspective, the key to turning one’s life around lies in understanding that, from conception on, you alone are responsible for your choices. The text makes a case for avoiding therapists, victim mindsets, and any belief that physical or mental problems are rooted in an outside source. These notions are based on Mastellone’s clairvoyant observations.

Month-by-month clairvoyant readings give examples of the physical, emotional, and psychological development of fetuses, highlighting their responses to their environments and to the thoughts and feelings of their parents and family members. The book contains suggestions to parents for interacting with their unborn children in a way that fosters healthy growth and development.

Also discussed are the importance of making every choice count, at all ages and in all circumstances; the benefit of taking personal responsibility for all decisions and their consequences; and the preeminence of love in the human experience. The text supports expectant mothers’ instincts regarding their abilities to interact with their unborn children.

Written in a clear, passionate, and conversational tone, the text avoids psychological jargon. However, while it claims to be based on more than clairvoyant observation alone, appealing to unseen scientific research said to support its conclusions, there are no included references to scientific studies, nor is there a bibliography for prompting further study.

While interesting and unique in its approach, the book’s lack of evidence diminishes the credibility of its arguments. Its ideas and concepts are repetitive, with similar words and phrases used throughout, and the text contains grammatical errors that undermine it. Its excessive use of exclamation points and incorrect placement of commas are especially distracting. Such errors grow in number as the book progresses, and final chapters are rendered ineffective in large part because of them.

Will the Real Human Being Please Stand Up! is an unusual and innovative perspective on life in the womb and the role it plays in human growth and development.

Reviewed by Kristine Morris

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