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Weeping Under This Same Moon

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After the fall of Saigon, nineteen-year-old Mei Phuong escapes Vietnam on an overloaded boat with her younger brother and sister in tow, destination unknown. Conditions onboard deteriorate until Mei sees a woman prepare to leap to her death: “We watch her as if we are watching a play, no one moves to stop her, no one really believing she will do what she obviously is about to do.” Weeping Under This Same Moon by Jana Laiz (Crow Flies Press, 978-0-9814910-0-4) contrasts Mei’s uncertain life with that of Hannah, a privileged but unhappy teen from Westchester, New York, who blossoms as a volunteer helping Vietnamese newcomers in the Bronx. Han-nah’s affection for photography parallels Mei’s passion for painting, but art is a luxury and refugees deny themselves nones-sentials.

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