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Under a Bear Moon

He watches her from a distance, unseen in the shadows. He tracks her by her scent. Compelled by some nameless quality she possesses, he cannot help but desire her. Lynda Malone knows about the stalker. What she doesn’t know is who—or what—the stalker could be.

Except for the stalking, Lynda leads the life of a normal, active teenager. A good student and community volunteer, she also plays basketball and performs in her high school’s theatrical production. She wasn’t looking for romance when her junior year began, but it found her anyway, in the form of a new student named Greg Ursek. A series of misunderstandings causes friction between them at first, but Lynda is nonetheless captivated by Greg’s blue eyes and charismatic smile. However, Greg harbors an unbelievable secret that his family is determined to keep hidden.

Greg and his family moved to Chicago’s Hyde Park area for the duration of Greg’s senior year. Partnered with him in biology lab, Lynda learns odd facts about Greg as their relationship grows. For example, he is not allowed away from home after dark, and he is terrified of dogs. Stranger still is how even good-natured dogs become aggressive around him.

Perhaps in the interest of their deepening friendship, Lynda disregards these peculiar events.

Lynda is grateful for Greg’s loyalty. No one else believes her tale of a stalker in the night. When crisis befalls her, it is Greg who comes to her aid. The price of that act, however, is greater than either of them could have imagined. It isn’t until the book’s dramatic and unanticipated conclusion that Lynda learns the full extent of Greg’s devotion.

Masek is also the author of several published short stories. In this first published novel, which has won several awards for young adult e-books, she offers a suspenseful tale full of fantasy and romance. Strong characters and an intricately composed plot make Under a Bear Moon an exciting experience for young adult as well as older readers.

Reviewed by Dawn Williams

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