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Rachel and Adam Newman, fourteen-year-old twins from New York, are shipped off to live with an unaffectionate grandmother in a peculiar English town on the moors whose insular residents share a complicated secret. Will Peterson’s archeology-based mystery Triskellion is named for both a village and a three-part Celtic symbol of interlocking arcs loaded with ancient power. From druidic Green Men who perform menacing ceremonies in the woods, to the lord of the manor who hits a twin with his car, everyone in Triskellion is either a threat or no help at all. The exception is a boy named Gabriel who has no family, but much insight: “‘We need to understand as much about our past as we can,’ he said. ‘It makes more sense of who we are, right?’” Old legends resurface in dreams and artifacts, threats escalate to violence, and knowledge is the only defense.

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