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The Witch's Master Grimoire

An Encyclopedia of Charms Spells Formulas and Magical Rites

In this book a practicing witch and the author of Reclaiming the Power, offers an abundance of spells to aid both the merely curious and the serious seeker. From amulets to the zodiac, this collection of spells, potions, and rites shows the reader how to draw love and prosperity, how to banish unwanted guests, how to stop harmful gossip, and even how to create fairy dust for attracting help from the fairy realm. The spells the author provides have all proved efficacious during the twenty years she has been a practicing witch, and were selected to fit into a busy modern witch’s life.

This grimoire gives the reader all she or he needs to cast a spell, and the ingredients are often readily available from the kitchen, garden, or department store. For example, to make a love-attracting oil one needs a wild rose, a sprig of rosemary, rose oil, and a green satin ribbon.

The spell chants are clear and easy to recite. For example, a “Knot the Wind” spell for inspiration and creativity requires the reader to face East, which is the place of Air, to tie a knot, and to recite: “I knot the wind, the wind of desire, I knot the wind, the wind that shall inspire.” Once the spell-caster has tied three knots, the first part of the spell is complete. Then the knotted string is hung over the desk or work space. When the spell-caster wants inspiration, he or she must untie the first knot, chanting: “I free the wind, the wind of desire, I free the wind, my mind to inspire.”

The Witch’s Master Grimoire provides the reader with a step-by-step process of performing a witch’s magic.

Reviewed by Carol Lynn Stewart

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