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The Wisdom Compass

A 31-Day Journey to Wisdom-Filled Living

Although the book of Proverbs has served as a guiding light for many Christians for centuries, some followers have found it difficult to apply those teachings to everyday life. The book’s rich mine of lessons on knowledge, judgment, prudence and spirituality can be uplifting, but daunting to put into practice. First-time author Theodore Henderson aims to change that situation, by providing a structured plan for turning the wisdom of Proverbs into a tailored path for anyone who wants to walk it.

Drawing on his career as a seminar leader, entrepreneur, and consultant, Henderson presents a Bible-driven guide that’s organized somewhat like a business book, but with Christian direction instead of management strategies. He credits the Bible, and Proverbs especially, for changing his life, and he feels that others can benefit from that type of transformation as well. “The principles in this book have allowed me to marry the spiritual and the practical for an overall enhanced life and better everyday living,” he writes.

Henderson organizes the book into thirty-one chapters, each centered around one lesson from Proverbs. He interprets the scripture using a friendly, sometimes even folksy, tone of writing that mixes well with the more formal-sounding Bible verses. By blending in analogies and personal experience, the author is able to create a concrete, thought-provoking entry for each Proverbs lesson.

For example, in covering the partnership of discipline and knowledge, he comments on a Proverb that notes, “A man cannot be established through wickedness, but the righteous cannot be uprooted.” By drawing analogies to people who knowingly cheat on their taxes, versus those who make honest mistakes, he creates distinctions in moral and spiritual behavior that can serve as a useful guide.

The format works well, giving Henderson’s central idea—that we can live according to God’s wisdom in a way that is both practical and deeply meaningful—a structure that will benefit many who crave a lucid, well-articulated plan. The use of a timeframe, of thirty-one days, is another technique that should prove helpful to those attempting to apply the Bible’s lessons to their lives.

By creating a solid practice that leads to an ingrained habit of living mindfully according to one’s spiritual beliefs, people will be able to fill their lives with wisdom, Henderson believes. His well-articulated plan is a stellar starting point for anyone who wants to infuse more spiritual uplift into daily life.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Millard

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