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The Thinking Cat's Guide to the Millenium

Predicting, or even speculating on what is to be in the new millennium is a job for a wordly and discerning cat. Ringer searches for answers and along the way shares his humorous take on other animals and humans in the world as only a cat could. He consults with other animals, gives the reader a millennium pop-quiz and goes online to discuss the subject with other Internet buffs. His astrological predictions are particularly intuitive. He foretells that Aries Democrats will attempt to help a group called the Pety Underlings who in return launch an attack against them. The Democrats take the Underlings’ side and the Democrat survivors write a letter of apology to their attackers.

Ringer also shares treasured memories from his personal life, giving the reader insight into feline attitudes. Ringer is impossible not to agree with, even if he isn’t always politically correct. He is no yes-cat, which is precisely why he, and not some dog, wrote the guide to the millennium. If the end leaves you with unanswered questions, it is not for lack of will or smarts on Ringer’s part. It is because the rest of the world is simply not on his level. Ringer himself understands that this is partially why his species is solitary by nature.

The Thinking Cat’s Guide to the Millenium is entertaining, thought-provoking and bold. If it doesn’t provide the reader with a better understanding of what is to come at the turn of this century, it will surely provide a greater understanding of cats.

Reviewed by Mary Beth Zeleznik

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