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The Standing Stones Speak

Decoding Messages from the Archangels

After the end of the First World War, the standing stones of Carnac in Brittany awoke after a long sleep. These Neolithic structures contain a message for humankind, a story of the origin of life on this planet and the future of the physical universe, a story that needs to be told to humans in the twenty-first century. This message was encoded in the bones of the earth by the Archangels, and decoded by authors Natasha Hoffman, lecturer, artist, and healer, and Hamilton Hill, surveyor and landscape designer.

The authors “dowsed” the stones of Carnac, that is, they used rods and pendulums to obtain information from the stones, and wrote the resulting story in The Standing Stones Speak. To the authors, the stones contain a life force, an energy that is a form of memory, “made possible by the crystalline structure of granite.” The authors liken the information storage of the stones to the capacity of microchips in computers, though instead of electrical energy releasing the information incised into the chips and software, the human brain’s electrical field receives the messages the stones have to tell.

The story the authors tell is dense, rich, and imbued with quiet authority. From the very first chapter, which outlines the beginnings of life on earth and the purpose of the soul’s journey here, to the final chapter where prophecies of both disaster and hope are made, each section is enriched by specific, unique details. For example, the chapter on the nature of the Archangels describes the energy nets of the solar system in simple, clear physics, and goes on to detail the planetary correspondences and qualities of each of the Archangels overseeing life on earth. For instance, the Archangel Samael is the adversary and Archangel of Judgement, “borne on the power of … Saturn” to permit humans to accept the limitations of time, and the Archangel Gabriel uses the power of the planet Mercury to lay the “foundation of higher ideals, infusing daily life with spiritual awareness.”

In The Standing Stones Speak, the reader will find messages that can, at the very least, provoke thought and wonderment. If the reader comes to the book with an open heart, he or she may find messages that can result in profound spiritual growth.

Reviewed by Carol Lynn Stewart

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