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The Splendor Falls


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Sitting down and enjoying a good, tight essay, we can confidently say, is an acquired taste. Moreover, essays are terribly difficult to write, and publishers will tell you essay collections are second only to poetry in sales ineptitude.

But we’ve included several books of essays in this university press feature because we get weak-kneed around great writing, and this next book finds a writer at the top of his game.

The author of twenty-five-plus books, mostly essay collections, southern Sam Pickering ranks among the most esteemed essayist names in our country. In his newest collection, The Splendour Falls, he writes about walking, fidgeting, mushroom pie, and uneventful but mesmerizing jaunts to Nova Scotia, the Caribbean, and the basement of his local library. His words fall in place like pixie dust on a rose petal.

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