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The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion

How Feelings Link the Brain, the Body, and the Sixth Sense

“I think; therefore, I am,” say neuroscientists. In other words, our brain function determines who we are and what we do. Authors Michael A. Jawer and Dr. Marc Micozzi challenge this belief in The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion. They contend that thought processes drive and motivate us but do not define us.

Rather, it is the emotions—not just in our brains but in our entire body—that hold the key to understanding more fully who we are as humans.

Reviewing current research, Jawer and Micozzi explore how smells, memories, and feelings lie at the “roots of consciousness.” Feelings connect body and brain and form the link to the sixth sense as well.

Emotions and perceptions play an important role in the anomalous experiences of millions of people. These experiences, such as answering the phone before it rings or knowing that a loved one has been hurt before one receives news of it, are now being taken more seriously by scientists who previously disregarded such stories. According to Jawer and Micozzi, these experiences, as well as out-of-body experiences, apparitions or poltergeist activity, are linked to our emotions and energy. Certain people are more sensitive to these anomalous experiences based on their emotional chemistry.

Emotions also play a role in physical disturbances such as migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia. Re-search demonstrates that the more in touch we are with our emotions the fewer physical disturbances we suffer. Bottling up feelings causes an imbalance in our physical system; acknowledgement and acceptance of our emotions aids in main-taining health and well-being.

While The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion is not a light read, it is a worthy one. Scientists are now beginning to understand how important it is to understand the role emotions play in our lives. Michael Jawer and Dr. Micozzi challenge readers and scientifically confirm what in our hearts we have always known…who we are and what we do is deter-mined by much more than what lies in our brains.

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