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The Path

A Practical Guide to Improving Your Life on The Job

Anyone who can chuckle over similarities between the Dilbert comic and his or her own work environment can appreciate the truth in The Path. But don’t let the references to Dilbert give the impression that the author is not serious about job satisfaction. Seaman’s thirty years of experience in business and quality management provide a solid framework for someone who can speak from experience on what it takes to find happiness and satisfaction in a career.

This is not merely a self-help book that encourages people to do what they enjoy, but an analytical and common sense approach for helping people figure out why they may be unhappy with their current job or employer and what their options are. It focuses on goals and values and shows what happens when one’s goals aren’t in alignment with an organization, or the organization does not have a clear and compelling purpose.

Well-written and convincing, with its purpose is clearly defined, anecdotes about actual companies reinforce the theories presented and lend credence to the concepts discussed. Seaman may have gone a little too far at the end in encouraging people to send the book as a hint to their CEOs, but his point that change can be driven from the bottom of the corporate ladder is well taken.

Reviewed by Cindy Patuszynski

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