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The Little Guide to Big Changes

6 Steps to Creating Lasting, Positive Change in Your Life

It can be difficult to convey life-changing advice in a volume of any size, but Sarah Collins does an admirable job of it in The Little Guide to Big Changes.

Collins, a natural health consultant, begins by explaining that her guide is “all about the means of creating change when you feel stuck.” Indeed, change is the overall theme of this book, and Collins offers six techniques to help the reader effect major changes in his or her life.

The author concentrates primarily on spirituality—but in a broader sense than traditional religion alone. For example, Collins approaches prayer from a spiritual perspective, calling it “a conscious attempt to connect with the Universe.” When praying, the author writes, “you can speak to whomever or whatever you choose: God, your higher self, a spirit guide, a deceased relative, your body, a sunrise. You are limited only by your imagination and your belief system.”

Meditation is another area that Collins believes will help the reader make significant change, because it helps with “disconnecting from the outside world, from your senses.” Meditation, she says, “refines and perfects your inner self so change can spread to your outer circumstances.”

Collins also discusses self-awareness and introspection, which she says can “eliminate self-destructive tendencies by replacing them with positive habit patterns”; imagination and visualization, which helps one picture “the life of your dreams”; attitude and perception, which demonstrate “how you react to life”; and the power of forgiveness, which she describes as “a lesson in acceptance and grace.”

One could very likely fill several books with writings on these individual topics, but Collins artfully weaves them together in condensed form. Her intent is not to delve into each area in great detail, but rather to guide the reader in applying aspects of some or all of them to create change.

Collins has constructed a well-written, concise book that serves to reassure the reader and provide encouragement for making positive change. She manages to boil down a philosophical discussion that could be overwhelming into an easily digestible work that is neither intimidating nor preachy.

As the author concludes, “All changes begin with one small step.” The Little Guide to Big Changes offers readers a great deal to ponder, along with helpful counsel about how to move forward. As such, this little guide should help them take that one small step and move on to bigger things.

Reviewed by Barry Silverstein

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