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The Life I Was Born to Live

A Spiritual Adventure

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

In October 2006 Norwegian author Bj&248;rn Dimmen began writing about his life. He wanted his three children Alexander Andrea and Vanessa to know “who their father really is” and his friends and family to “understand why [he] had been racing around and never seemed to settle down.” Now in a remarkably frank and brutally honest volume he details the wide-ranging story of his “spiritual adventure” for the world at large.

Underlying Dimmen’s account of the key events of his life are his unshakeable optimism and steadfast belief in the planned intervention of the universe in guiding him to some greater good regardless of the apparent immediate setback or defeat. In his view everything in his life from an unfaithful lover to “an ugly divorce” in which he walked away from a large financial settlement has been of ultimate benefit to him and to others.

Over the years he indicates there were many trials that tested his beliefs including his three failed marriages his lengthy liaison with a Lady-Boy in Thailand and his loss of employment in several career fields. Worst of all from his point of view have been his setbacks as an author with more than 100 rejection slips and a screenwriter with an even greater rejection record. But despite these failures he has continually resurrected himself with assistance from a personal spirit guide named “Trisha” hypnosis Crimson Circles and channelling sessions spiritual teachers and books by Esther and Jerry Hicks David Icke and Barbara Marciniak. In fact the well-read Dimmen frequently quotes authors whether he is discussing metaphysics messages from water or the emotional and psychological consequences of the sexual reassignment surgery of his Lady-Boy girlfriend Sontaya.

Although not a natural-born storyteller Dimmen does have the redeeming talent of evoking sincere emotions with his descriptions of time spent with his children. His account of his visit to Borneo to visit with the Dyack tribe is also intriguing and his depiction of “the hidden village” in Thailand is equally captivating. And he is without guile in telling of his willingness to hack into Sontaya’s email to spy on her and admitting to the parts he played in other failed relationships. Ever the optimist he concludes his book by saying “I do certainly believe that if I continue on my current trail of thoughts I will achieve everything that I have ever dreamt about and more too but that will be another story.”

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