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The Greatest Book Ever Written

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

The Bible is one of the most studied, analyzed, discussed, and debated books ever written. Billions of copies have been printed in many languages and versions, and there is no question that it has had significant impact on Christians and non-Christians alike. Yet, many Christians and Bible lovers know little about the book except for the stories they may have learned in Sunday school.

To help bridge that gap, Rud Bergfeld has compiled a collection of his own unique insight and interesting facts about the Bible. While many believers can tell of the miracles Jesus performed or recite some of his parables, there may be only a small group who could elaborate on how many of these miracles are spoken of in the Bible, or where they are found. Even fewer could explain how the Bible originated, or who the authors were.

Bergfeld presents his own answers to such diverse questions in ten chapters that discuss numerous points of interest from both the Old and New Testaments. The author goes beyond merely listing references or noting miscellaneous facts. He asks, for example, which verse contains all the letters of the alphabet except for Q? (The answer is Daniel 4:37.) Bergfeld’s explanations of how each of the twelve apostles died offers a poignant perspective on the lives and beliefs of these men. His account of the development of the English Bible will appeal to those with a penchant for history, and his chapter on the “Lost Books of the Bible” provides additional information for thought.

Bergfeld’s writing style and approach to the topic are particularly refreshing. He develops each subject in language that is straightforward and easy to understand. To his credit, he also presents the information without an abundance of commentary. By not belaboring his points, Bergfeld simply lets his research create the “I didn’t know that” moments that can result in a deeper appreciation for the Bible and the history it represents.

Bergfeld’s goal was not to influence personal beliefs, but to answer questions factually and increase understanding of the Bible as a document with unique qualities. Mission accomplished.

Reviewed by Jeff Friend

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