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The Eyes of an Autistic Yogi

A Contemporary Piece on Autism and Spirituality

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

Nathan Fox is a yogi who is a well-rounded expert in meditation, the physical movements and philosophical tenets of yoga, and the miscellany of the magical arts. He is a virtuoso bass player, a musician with perfect pitch, and a rock climber. And he is also autistic.

Fox has a high-functioning type of autism spectrum disorder called Asperger’s syndrome. Due to Asperger’s, there have been moments in Fox’s life that have been hellish, especially social interactions with his friends and family, and even with himself and his environment. As a child, Fox had great difficulty articulating confusion: “I was second-guessing a lot, reluctant to touch certain things, even my Lego blocks, in fear I wasn’t suppose to be playing with them.” Eventually, Fox learned to balance his emotional and social struggles with his astonishing talents, adaptability skills, and vast intelligence.

The Eyes of an Autistic Yogi is a testament to Fox’s accomplishments and a record of his thoughts and instructions on spiritual enlightenment. Like Carl Jung’s Memories, Dreams, Reflections and Dan Millman’s Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Fox juxtaposes autobiographical material with esoteric teachings and observations. The result is an engaging and suspenseful story, written in lyrical prose, positioned alongside a guidebook for those interested in the many facets of metaphysics. Fox’s text does for the occult and for what he reluctantly calls the “New Age” movement the same thing Jostein Gaarder’s novel Sophie’s World did for the history of philosophy. The dryness of the subject matter is rehydrated, becoming juicy.

Skillfully written with threads of knowledge, entertainment, instruction, and inspiration, Fox weaves a wonderful patchwork quilt, the various pieces of which dazzle as well as soothe. Whether he is discussing Aleister Crowley or the dangers of occult meditations, he writes with eclectic acumen. Yet, even though his knowledge of the various disciplines he covers is unlimited, Fox understands the importance of keeping his instructions and ruminations simple.

Fox’s life and work offer motivation to all people (with or without developmental disabilities) that want to learn and grow in order to reach their full potential.

Reviewed by Lee Gooden

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