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The Demise of America

The Coming Breakup of the United States and What Will Replace It

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

Political analysts throughout the world assert their opinions about the future of the United States. Commentary ranges from positive expectation to negative prediction, along with advice to implement a constructive plan or avoid a destructive result. No one agrees. Despite the separation of church and state, religious institutions attempt to assert their authority, while an underlying spiritual movement uses subtle tactics to influence people, a method less motivated by doctrine. The Demise of America is an attention-grabbing work that predicts the breakup of the US will be followed by the instatement of another structure.

Judging the book’s front cover, readers will likely anticipate dour content with a farfetched outlook, but Durrett concludes on a positive note. He provides explanations for everything that has gone wrong and offers advice in five detailed chapters. In chapter one, the author scrutinizes the economy—everything from corporate debt to oil production to manufacturing, housing, and unemployment. Chapter two is a discussion of politics in which he criticizes both parties for operating in what he defines as a broken system with poor education and substandard healthcare. Chapter three is an exploration of American culture, hitting on popular topics such as materialism and hedonism. This section goes off in many directions—daytime television, celebrities, and class differences. By chapter four the purpose of the book becomes clear, as Durrett launches into his views on religion and spirituality, touching on the seven deadly sins, our country’s Christian heritage, and even the Mayan calendar. Chapter five is all about the future, and Durrett veers into countless directions, such as environmental sustainability, spiritual awakening, extraterrestrial life, and changes on Earth.

Durrett’s book is absorbing from an open-minded, intellectual standpoint. This articulate, assertive author is thought-provoking and entertaining, but his tendency to include too many issues causes him to lose focus. He considers himself a “lightworker” with special knowledge, yet he doesn’t inspire confidence when his book jumps from polar shift to solar cycle to fifth dimensional consciousness to UFOs and the year 2012.

Don Durrett has been writing since 1990. In the next year, he plans to release numerous titles on metaphysical spirituality and transformation. This visionary author crosses the line between science and mysticism, melding overlapping theories for a New Age audience in this fascinating work.

Reviewed by Julia Ann Charpentier

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