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The CEO's Digital Marketing Playbook

The Definitive Crash Course and Battle Plan for B2B and High Value B2C Customer Generation

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

Insightful and relevant, The CEO’s Digital Marketing Playbook is instructive when it comes to translating leads and marketing strategies into customers.

Thomas J. Donohoe’s practical and to-the-point business guide, The CEO’s Digital Marketing Playbook, outlines and discusses productive digital marketing strategies for customer generation.

The work begins by considering what should be the end goal of any marketing strategy: turning people into new or repeat customers. With that end in mind, the book defines and expounds upon essential marketing terms and the main digital advertising channels available. Both the importance of targeting and advertising, and the types of websites there are and how to utilize them, are discussed in the first chapter. Other chapters expound on the elements of an effective marketing company team structure, inexpensive core tactics, and advanced marketing strategies for effective digital marketing.

The content is organized into clear, actionable steps for accessible and successful marketing. The core short-term tactics needed by any company to sell any product are organized into four essentials, which are each discussed with care; the book then delves into long-term strategies crucial for customer generation.

Graphics are used to summarize, explain, and simplify the content. Key processes and components are represented in the form of easy-to-remember infographics. Charts are also utilized to indicate impact and progress, as in the case of landing pages, where a chart is used to show their impact on generating returns on investments. Photographs are incorporated to explain real processes, like creating advertising campaigns on Facebook.

The book’s language is direct about stating what works and what does not work in digital marketing. Blunt discussions of the benefits and downsides of different strategies or media channels are also included. While discussing the various social media platforms available for digital marketing, the work analyzes what opportunities platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn offer, and the issues that should be expected when dealing with each platform.

The strategies expounded upon in the book are universal. For instance, the four core short-term tactics can be used to generate customers and grow returns on investment by any company in the world that’s conversant with effective digital marketing strategies.

From the start, the work’s purpose and its target audience are clearly defined. Though the topic is relevant to any business leader, it is crucial for CEOs or business owners who run companies whose marketing goals and customer generation paths are hard to track: whose sale cycles are longer or whose marketing budgets are relatively limited.

Insightful and relevant, The CEO’s Digital Marketing Playbook is about translating leads and marketing strategies into customers.

Reviewed by Edith Wairimu

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