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The Blindfold Artist

The SECRET Art of Spotting Hidden Opportunities

Clarion Rating: 2 out of 5

“Opportunities are all around us we only need to have a watchful eye and a steady mind. Don’t just look but see.” It may not be easy to see what you are looking for. It may be in plain sight but as in the childhood games we play if you don’t know where to look it is difficult to see. Tristen Wealth in his book The Blindfold Artist has told readers where to look.

The book is divided into two sections that deal with the basic concepts of business and finding opportunities. In the first section he discusses the issues to be dealt with when running a business and making it profitable. In the second section Wealth leads readers step by step to finding an opportunity for a good business whether it is an entrepreneurial innovation or an improvement on a proven idea. This is not a book of suggestions ready to try out but rather a guide to the work that must be done in the search for a viable business idea.

The first section of The Blindfold Artist provides a basic outline for running a business and discusses thirty-four related topics including getting feedback selling the benefits finding free publicity and avoiding stagnation. According to Wealth feedback is necessary to a profitable business because it can assist in discovering a business’s weaknesses help to identify missed customer needs or improvement opportunities and help to understand the target market.

The section on opportunity includes specific categories to assist readers in the search for and evaluation of ideas. For instance when considering a niche market—would it be profitable? To find out readers are asked to check these points against their idea: Is it worldwide? Can you quickly dominate in this niche market? Is there a high profit margin? Does it provide something really unique? What is the potential for growth? The niche market is one of forty-five categories where readers are alerted to the points to research or advantages to consider.

The Blindfold Artist provides few details but this is an excellent checklist of items to consider. Today information is not hard to find if one knows what to look for. The Internet is a sea of knowledge but it isn’t much help if budding entrepreneurs don’t know what they need to know.

The book could be improved with good editing; it is obviously written by a non-native English speaker. But with this outline and an Internet connection an entrepreneur could give himself a basic business education. New business owners who are wondering why business isn’t going well may need just such a checklist to remove their blindfold and discover exactly what part of their business is not working.

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