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The Alphatude Attitude

Your Dog Wants You to Lead

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

People who adore their pets don’t always know how to take care of them properly. Overcrowded animal shelters and rescue centers testify to the frequency with which owners give up on their pets. Although they are the most popular choice among domestic animals, dogs can sometimes be difficult to nurture and train over the long term. Their natural pack instinct doesn’t respond well to people who treat them like furry four-legged human beings.

In The Alphatude Attitude, Ami Moore presents her ideas about how dog owners can encourage the development of a balanced canine that understands its place in a human family. This process begins with an owner who recognizes and respects the dog’s innate needs as a pack animal. Dogs will willingly submit to control by the established alpha figure in its group, whether dog or human. Moore discusses how people can assume and maintain the “Alphatude Attitude” and become that alpha leader in the eyes of their pet. She also describes desirable traits to look for when choosing a dog and offers suggestions about optimizing canine health and longevity. Each chapter ends with a summary of the key points discussed.

Known as the Chicago Dog Coach, Moore offers dog training services for individuals and groups in the Chicago area and beyond. She describes owner behavior that contradicts the desired Alphatude, writing that, “Permissive pet-parents are operating from a position of Losertude. This type of dog owner is the most difficult for a dog professional to help.”

Potential owners should avoid making impulsive decisions and, instead, consider their options carefully when choosing a new dog. The author believes that new-born puppies experience a better start in life when nurtured by ethical hobby breeders. She writes, “A hobby breeder has the hard won education and experience to create the healthiest and most balanced puppy possible.”

Professional editing would have corrected the grammatical and typographical errors, repetitions, and digressions that sometimes obscure the book’s message. The author’s fondness for creating catchy phrases, meant to hold reader attention, becomes tiresome by book’s end.

Overall, The Alphatude Attitude provides readers with valuable tips about how they might achieve a mutually rewarding relationship with their pets. Moore concludes the book by urging dog owners to teach their pets to be calm, reliable and mannerly in public places. Anyone who keeps canines or contemplates doing so would benefit from the advice in this book.

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