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The 45-Second Presentation that Will Change Your Life

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

You may not realize it, but the paper napkin is one of the greatest creative tools of all time. It’s a place where you can plan, draw, write, budget, or simply brain-dump an idea in its purest form over a meal with clients, colleagues, or friends.

To Don Failla, the paper napkin is an essential tool to building a network marketing business. In this guide, Failla offers ten presentations that readers can give in less a minute to build their network and expand their business.

The book was designed as a training manual, and each chapter walks readers through a napkin presentation that can be shown to prospective colleagues in a network marketing business. Each presentation covers a particular element of the business and comes with sample doodles and other graphics which can be used during the presentation. In “Two Times Two is Four,” Failla shows how someone can build a network by sponsoring people and then in turn, getting them to sponsor others. In “Salesman Failure Syndrome” and “Digging Down to Bedrock,” he discusses how to help people avoid getting discouraged when they first start. Failla even shows how to motivate people with “The Sizzle that Sells the Steak” and “Motivation and Growth.” He also provides a special section on how to handle objections.

Network marketers may already be familiar with Failla’s concepts; the guide has sold four million copies worldwide. The real value of this book is the presentations. Network marketing depends on explaining a concept in a simple way, and the napkin presentation is the perfect medium for this; they are usually short and sweet, with sparse text, simple doodles that explain the concepts, a clear call to action, and a lot of interaction between the presenter and the listener. Developing this style of presentation usually takes some time and skill, but Failla’s guide shows marketers what to say and draw, so that a presenter simply needs to find a napkin to get going.

Above all, this series of presentations is about building working relationships. “When you sponsor someone, you get to work for them,” Failla writes. “You get to choose whom you go to work for!” With presentations like these, Failla makes it easy to find and attract the right people.

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