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Book Review

They Fall Hard

Richard Manley is dying of cancer. The illegitimate child of World Champion Heavyweight Boxer Buddy Benson, Manley has some things he wants to know before he passes away. Was... Read More

Book Review

Blood Red Blues

After the murder of his father, Devil Barnett, a field agent for the CIA, returns home to Harlem to take over his father’s bar, the Be-Bop Tavern. Not long after, somebody... Read More

Book Review

Song of the Bones

Chantalene Morrell has been asked to help find her friend Thelma Patterson’s husband, a ranch hand who hasn’t been heard from in thirty years, since shortly after their... Read More

Book Review

Run to the Sun

Is it possible for the sum of a novel’s parts to be less than the whole? In other words, can the novel as a whole be pretty good, but have individual scenes and situations,... Read More

Book Review

Blue Wolf

When Alix Thorssen was a little girl she encountered a wolf while working on her aunt’s sheep ranch. Years later, as an art gallery owner in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Alix... Read More

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