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Books Reviewed by Mark Terry

Book Review

Two for Joy

It is sixth century Constantinople. Justinian I is the ruler of the Roman Empire, which is under constant external threat from Persia. Inside the empire factions of charioteers,... Read More

Book Review

Orange Pulp

After World War I the dime novel was quickly usurped by mass fiction magazines that were typically printed on cheap, rough paper—called pulps. Pulp, over time, became... Read More

Book Review

Roadhouse Blues

In 1983 a boy is initiated into a cult. In 1970 a young woman named Kelsey has a sexual encounter with Jim Morrison of The Doors. In the present, where this novel really begins,... Read More

Book Review

Charlie's Web

Jonathan was panting right into my ear, so when I felt a funny tingle all over my body, I thought it was just a reaction to that. The feeling was so strange that I opened my... Read More

Book Review

Bleeding Out

Some crime novels succeed or fail on the merits of the mystery; others succeed or fail on the appeal of the main character. Ideally, a successful crime novel has both. This one... Read More

Book Review


Dataman has a great premise: Take a computer geek, a guy running his own computerized information-gathering company, and have him work with the cops. The cops, of course, have... Read More

Book Review

Par Four

Jake Hines has just been promoted to Chief of Detectives in Rutherford, Minnesota, (a disguised Rochester, home of the Mayo Clinic and IBM). It is not a big city with big city... Read More

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