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Books Reviewed by Jennifer Sperry

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Song for Anninho

Sometimes casting itself up among the clouds, sometimes caught in terse humidity, this long poem, a love song, rises and falls in “raw time.” With grace and clear vision,... Read More

Book Review

Sugar Land

In her second novel, Houstonian Rodgers serves up a humorous and touching modern day fairy tale about two sisters trying to reclaim their lives. As young girls singing the blues... Read More

Book Review

Eudora Welty

On the occasion of the great Southern author Eudora Welty’s ninetieth birthday, this collection of essays, letters and poems is a testament to the written word. Contributors... Read More

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In her first collection, Robson offers dozens of singular, beautifully crafted poems that join hands to form a strong, well-forged ring. A professor at the City University of... Read More