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Bearing Witness

Teachers, those great observers of the young, are aware of the poetry people carry inside them. Therefore, it’s appropriate that the editor, a teacher herself, assembled this... Read More

Book Review

The Salt Hour

Abundant with beaches, sails, and spray, these poems celebrate both the seductiveness and the destructive power of the sea, letting the fact of its unpredictability become a... Read More

Book Review


Thiel’s ear for meter is astute, and her skill at forms is attested to by prize after prize, not to mention two chapbooks from the formalist small press Aralia; her mainstream... Read More

Book Review

Brace's Cove

A first poetry book by an author who has had numerous other careers (educator, political activist, editor of the New Republic), Brace’s Cove is not surprisingly retrospective,... Read More

Book Review

Wild Sweet Notes

“In West Virginia a good story takes awhile, / and if it has people in it, you have to swear / that it is true,” Maggie Anderson confides in “Long Story,” one of the... Read More

Book Review

Tell Me

Addonizio’s tough-girl persona winds through the late-night bars, the abusive relationships, the strip joints, cigarettes, and discarded clothing of Tell Me with an exquisite... Read More