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Books Reviewed by Edward Morris

Book Review

Black Swan

The setting is perfect for murder: a rickety old hotel—the Black Swan—on upscale Fishers Island, a tiny speck of land off the coast of Long Island; a dysfunctional family of... Read More

Book Review


DIY U is a spectacularly useful orientation and guide for anyone who’s contemplating post-high school education or advising someone who is. Enriched with up-to-date statistics... Read More

Book Review

Collecting Candace

William Faulkner never wrote a darker, more disturbing tale than this one. Like Faulkner, Brooks knows that the sweltering Southern climate and simmering obsessions make for an... Read More

Book Review

Go, Girl, Go!

Popular music in America has been so much a man’s world that the author performs a real service here in drawing attention to the steady contributions and growing influence of... Read More

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