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Books Reviewed by E. James Lieberman

Book Review

What Goes Up

It is too late to save her husband, but the author wants others to avoid his fate. Aided in recall by her personal journal, Eron, a psychotherapist, tells a gripping story with... Read More

Book Review

Emotional Storm

The title refers to psychoanalyst Wilfred Bion’s words: “When two personalities meet, an emotional storm is created.” This goes beyond Freud, whose psychology focused on... Read More

Book Review

Wonder Shows

Reconciling science with religion is a longstanding, ongoing project in America. For most people today, electricity is still somewhat magical: they can neither produce it nor... Read More

Book Review

Emotional Comfort

What fusion does for cuisine, and crossover for musicians, the author does for self-help in this remarkable book. A Chicago psychoanalyst, Davis developed her theory of mind by... Read More

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