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Angela Woltman, Book Reviewer

Angela has been a book lover since she was old enough to read. One of the first books

that had a big impact on her was *Watchers *by Dean Koontz and it was one of her

inspirations to become a writer. Though she hasn’t made it big as a novelist yet, she still

practices her creativity by writing chat stories for two apps, working on cozy fiction, and

dabbling in various projects she hopes someday to publish. As for her day job, she’s the

co-owner of a digital marketing firm in the lovely (and often freezing) city of Omaha,


Angela enjoys books of every genre, though her true love is fiction. However, she’s

been known to read and review plenty of nonfiction titles. As a blog writer, she has just

enough knowledge on many subjects to be dangerous, which is what everyone wants in

a book reviewer, right?

Book Review

Darling Girl

by Angela Woltman

"Darling Girl" is an often engrossing and heartbreaking story of neglect. Terry H. Watkins’s novel "Darling Girl" follows a girl through her dysfunctional childhood and toward escape. The novel opens when DG is five. Her mother has a... Read More

Book Review

Avenue of Regrets

by Angela Woltman

Greed, violence, and the hope of redemption are the defining themes of "Avenue of Regrets", a nonstop action thriller. The book introduces David Wallace, a man haunted by the deaths of his wife and young son seven years ago. Accused of... Read More

Book Review

Fault Lines

by Angela Woltman

The death of a renowned volcanologist casts suspicion on his young lover in "Fault Lines", an edgy, atmospheric thriller. Surtsey is a young volcanologist. Her beloved mother is sick; she feels guilt over her relationship with her... Read More

Book Review

Sing for the Dead

by Angela Woltman

"Sing for the Dead" is a thrilling mystery that harks back to the glory days of pulp fiction. Packed with action and suspicious characters, Cynthia Drew’s satisfying "Sing for the Dead" is a hard-boiled mystery with nonstop twists. A... Read More

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