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Angela Woltman, Book Reviewer

Angela has been a book lover since she was old enough to read. One of the first books

that had a big impact on her was *Watchers *by Dean Koontz and it was one of her

inspirations to become a writer. Though she hasn’t made it big as a novelist yet, she still

practices her creativity by writing chat stories for two apps, working on cozy fiction, and

dabbling in various projects she hopes someday to publish. As for her day job, she’s the

co-owner of a digital marketing firm in the lovely (and often freezing) city of Omaha,


Angela enjoys books of every genre, though her true love is fiction. However, she’s

been known to read and review plenty of nonfiction titles. As a blog writer, she has just

enough knowledge on many subjects to be dangerous, which is what everyone wants in

a book reviewer, right?

Book Review

Sing for the Dead

by Angela Woltman

"Sing for the Dead" is a thrilling mystery that harks back to the glory days of pulp fiction. Packed with action and suspicious characters, Cynthia Drew’s satisfying "Sing for the Dead" is a hard-boiled mystery with nonstop twists. A... Read More

Book Review

Hog Wild

by Angela Woltman

In Lynn Waltz’s Hog Wild: The Battle for Workers’ Rights at the World’s Largest Slaughterhouse, the dangerous and exploitative meat-packing industry receives fresh focus through a fourteen-year campaign to unionize the Smithfield... Read More

Book Review


by Angela Woltman

"Troll" is a fast-paced psychological thriller about what we choose to pursue and what we leave behind. Fortune made his livelihood in international banking; his determined focus on his career left his personal life in ruins. He... Read More

Book Review

The Big Get-Even

by Angela Woltman

In "The Big Get-Even", hard-boiled crime meets a crew of wise-cracking ex-cons. Just out of prison for scamming clients and stealing millions, Glen McClinton is trying to adjust to a life of poverty and ignominy. He’s found a somewhat... Read More

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