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Resurrecting from Cancer

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Survivors of cancer, even those whose disease had progressed as far as stage four, attest to their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing through the practice of Master Yan Ming Li’s ZiJiu (self-rescuing) Method. Natural and drug-free, ZiJiu works by awakening the self-healing abilities of the human body by enhancing one’s innate spiritual energy, or qi.

Yan Ming Li was born in China and demonstrated remarkable understanding of the physical and spiritual nature of human beings from a very early age. He asserts that healing naturally occurs when the physical and spiritual are aligned and one is in tune with nature, but that awareness of the body’s innate ability to heal itself has been lost as a result of excessive dependence on doctors, drugs, and surgery. Rooted in ancient wisdom contained in the Buddhist Sutras, the Daodejing, the Bible, the Yi Jing, the Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor, and the writings of Confucius, the Method has helped those with chronic, acute, and even “terminal” illness improve and recover their health.

According to Master Li, physical malfunctions can be traced to a lack of self-awareness and ignorance of the way the body works, and to an unwillingness to pay the same price for good health as that paid for career success. Like financial and career success, good health requires knowledge correctly applied (correct nutrition, avoidance of toxins, adequate rest and relaxation, exercise, and stress reduction); hard work (performing healthful physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual practices each and every day without fail); and creating savings and investments (the gathering, conserving, and judicious use of vital energy). “Envision your health as a bank account,” the author advises. “Repeatedly making withdrawals without making new deposits will, sooner or later, bankrupt the account.”

ZiJiu practice is not easy, requiring entering into the state of “ru jing,” or “falling into emptiness,” before the physical effects can occur and requiring daily sessions of one to two hours minimum, but testimonials bear witness to the effectiveness of Master Li’s clear, precise instructions. A chapter devoted to questions and answers aids in understanding some of the powerful effects that may be felt during practice. Part two of the book offers explanations of the concepts and philosophies behind the Method—understanding of this material would be enhanced by the addition of a glossary of Chinese terms with English definitions and further editing of the text by a native English-speaker.

In 2000, Master Li founded the ZiJiu Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, where classes in this life-saving technique are offered free of charge. Those who seek alternatives to drugs, chemotherapy, and surgery will take hope from the work of Yan Ming Li and from those who credit their practice of the ZiJiu Method with saving their lives. As one survivor stated, “A cancer patient myself, I have been through the ordeal of operations and chemotherapy that tortured both my body and my mind. I wanted to tell…all cancer patients out there how I have successfully conquered cancer. I wanted to share my story, that even terminal cancer patients have a chance to cure themselves and live again.”

Reviewed by Kristine Morris

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