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Radiant Skin from the Inside Out

The Holistic Dermatologist's Guide to Healing Your Skin Naturally

2015 INDIES Finalist
Finalist, Health (Adult Nonfiction)

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

This holistic approach to skin care lives up to the beautiful, healthy promises of its title.

Radiant Skin from the Inside Out: The Holistic Dermatologist’s Guide to Healing Your Skin Naturally by Dr. Alan M. Dattner gives everyday people all the information they need to have skin that looks and feels good.

The book asserts that problems with the skin indicate deeper problems in the health of the body, and offers insights on how to address those underlying issues and achieve full, lasting solutions. These pages impart simple yet powerful understandings of skin health, such as how healing inflammation in the body can serve to transform skin, too.

The first part of the book is an overview of holistic medicine concepts, including herbal remedies, metabolism, and the philosophy of using the body’s processes to achieve balanced healing. Part 2 addresses underlying health issues behind specific skin conditions, including acne, dandruff, and eczema. Finally, part 3 helps those addressing skin difficulties to apply the holistic lessons they’ve learned. The book contains practical steps and tips on developing mindsets for lifestyle changes.

Radiant Skin embraces classic tenets of holistic medicine: that understanding the past changes the present and future, and that understanding what’s on the inside allows us to change what’s on the outside. The book evaluates the body’s capabilities and how they can be supported, acknowledging that healing takes time and requires intentional choices. Dattner does not advise against traditional medical practice, by any means—the first step to healing, he asserts, is getting a diagnosis from a doctor—but he does suggest that it takes more than a pill or a cream to make skin fully healthy. This perspective is refreshing, especially considered against a beauty industry that pushes quick fixes and chemical or surgical solutions.

Sidebars include real-life stories of healing and deeply practical insights. Dattner’s experience and expertise contribute to an overall tone that is helpful and professional, maintaining unbiased professionalism, as well as the warmth and inspiration of an educator or coach. The end result is a book that is empowering and that encourages both optimism and personal responsibility.

The book is well organized. Each chapter and section is thorough enough to stand alone as reference, but the book also flows well as a comprehensive, first-page-to-last-page read. The index is a great tool, alongside the detailed table of contents, to direct readers to the most pertinent information.

The book is a great fit for those suffering from skin ailments, the parents of children with skin problems, salon and spa workers, those who work in the health food or vitamin and supplement industries, and nutritionists, as well as for doctors, nurses, and others in more traditional medicine. All will find knowledge that leads to better skin for themselves and others.

Radiant Skin lives up to the beautiful, healthy promise of its title.

Reviewed by Melissa Wuske

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