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Prayers to Sophia

A Companion to the Star in My Heart

This volume of fifty short prayers is not likely to cause
more than a ripple in the ongoing dispute between conservative Christians and
advocates of Sophia, who, as described by Rupp, is the feminine aspect of the
divine found in the wisdom literature of the Bible. Rupp refrains from any
polemical discussions and simply presents meditations on her personal
relationship with Sophia. She states in the introduction that she is “not out
to convince anyone about Sophia.”

Still, Rupp can’t get to her prayers without first dealing with the
controversy, in which conservatives have accused feminist theologians and
others of attempting to replace or append the divine Trinity with Sophia. Rupp
laments the “anger and fear within the Christian community regarding Sophia,”
and wonders if detractors have “reflected on the wisdom texts in the Bible.”
Yet she says she understands their hesitation to accept Sophia as she initially
had her own hesitations and concerns.

Rupp fortifies her prayers with excerpts from the wisdom literature of the
Bible (Proverbs) and the Apocrypha. The prayers are written in verse and are
the material of daily life: i.e., anxiety, compassion, grief and loss, nature
and change of seasons. The prayers may be based on one woman’s journey on the
path of personal growth, but most readers will likely find they have much in
common with Rupp. Following each prayer and scriptural verse, Rupp includes
suggestions for journalizing.

This book coincides with the tenth anniversary printing of Rupp’s “The Star in
My Heart.” Knowledge of the earlier work is not a prerequisite for enjoying
these prayers. Acceptance or even awareness of Sophia is not required to enjoy
and utilize the prayers as part of a program of spiritual growth as long as the
reader does not consider the mention of Sophia as heresy.

Reviewed by Sharon Flesher

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