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Power Connections

An Introduction

“By learning to connect with the warmth and intelligence in men, you can build strong connections that will bring great fulfillment in your life,” Sage advises women. The business coach and her partner, Becker, feed political correctness to the wolves in this audiotape of selected portions of their two-day workshop. In a sugary voice, Sage proposes a strategy to help today’s woman understand the psychology of male/female behavior at home and in the boardroom.

Asking questions like, “How can we create a balance in business? How can you have the efficiency, the focus of men and the connectedness and the cooperation of women?” Sage offers advice that gives pause to the school of thought that women have to become like men in order to succeed in corporate America.

She teaches women to be true to their inner workings and to acknowledge the general tendencies of men. According to Sage, when this happens a business runs smoothly. “In training men, you must have powerful connections with women.” Sage encourages women to extend their natural tendency of nurturing to their female peers, ensuring success for everyone.

Using four key strategies—“Kindness, Yielding, Receptivity, and Coaching”—Sage advocates that women become comfortable in their role as trainers of men. “If you have ever seen a great coach, he really encourages his team and when a woman begins coaching a man she begins to encourage him. Men who have courage succeed.”

Power Connections looks at the labyrinth women find themselves in when trying to communicate with men. Sage instructs women to incorporate the knowledge of basic male/female tendencies into all phases of their lives. The psychological leanings of the male and female are the same, no matter the destination: the kitchen is no different than the boardroom. According to Sage, women should acknowledge that “Men are the pilots, women the radar.”

In Power Connections, Sage offers pearls of wisdom and controversial solutions to age-old questions regarding yin and yang.

Reviewed by Vyvyan Lynn

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