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More Splash Than Cash Decorating Ideas

Over 1200 Tips Tricks Techniques and Ideas to Decorate Your Home

Here’s one book you can judge by its cover and title—they say it all.

Thousands of decorating ideas include money-saving tips for repairing odds and ends (or junk) that one may have around the house that are under discard consideration. Babylon’s work shows one can do an entire remodel of a home or apartment with items already on hand creating an entire new atmosphere.

There isn’t an area of the home Babylon doesn’t cover. Chapters include: Home Decorating Made Easy (General room-to-room overhauls or enhancements); Color your World; Ceilings and Walls; Windows of Opportunity; Furniture; Floors, Stairs and Doors; The Great Frame-up; Garden Variety; Decorating With Fabric; Collections; Storage Solutions. Other chapters include Children’s Rooms; Master the Bath; Suite Dreams; Someone’s in the Kitchen Dining Décor; It’s All in the Family Room; Seasonal Decorating; and Helpful How-To’s that include subchapters on Curtains, Lampshades, Folding Screens, Wallquilts, Decoupage and Mosaic Creations.

Babylon is well-credentialed and creative. She appears on national and cable television and tours the nation doing book and craft shows.

Whether one is a do-it-yourselfer who needs a boost or a professional organizer looking to add another dimension to a business, More Splash Than Cash offers extra value.

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