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More M&M Brand Chocolate Candies Math

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With dismal national math test scores still being reported, many publishers are jumping on the bandwagon to market easy math picture books which will to appeal to young students. More M&M Brand Chocolate Candies Math is just what the title implies. Using familiar M&M candies (provided by the teacher or parent), the reader is introduced to such high level math skills as estimating, dividing, graphing and factoring. These are only a bit more complex than concepts introduced in the first book.

The four M&M characters cavort across many of the pages, pointing at numbers or candies. The simple rhyming text is uninspired, sounding somewhat like an advertising jingle. (“Split the two groups into four with ten in each bunch, Any left over you should feel free to munch.”) While the exercises in this book could be done with any number of colored candies, it is true that students will probably pay attention to division more closely if they get to eat the remainder. This title will be popular with kids.

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