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Miss Wilton's Waltz

Miss Wilton’s Waltz is a lovely, nuanced romance that shows how creating a relationship with oneself is just as important as falling in love with somebody else.

Lenora Wilton is no shrinking violet. At first look, she easily could be an Austen heroine. She plays the pianoforte, struggles mightily with shyness, and knows she’s unlikely to marry. After Lenora is jilted by her only marriage prospect, she finds herself free to take a different path: “One of independence, confidence, and comfort in my own company.” At a girls’ school in Bath, Lenora meets Aiden Asher, a man who recognizes her independent spirit. With Aiden, Lenora finds it easy to open up and be herself. However, the things they don’t say to one another threaten their romance.

Miss Wilton’s Waltz is proper without being demure. Lenora’s romance with Aiden includes some breathtaking moments and undeniable chemistry. The book rarely crosses the line into physical interactions, which makes Lenora’s exploration of her own values and desires that much more exciting. The then-scandalous waltz shared by Aiden and Lenora is an excellent moment in this beautifully crafted romance.

Josi S. Kilpack, also the author of The Lady of the Lakes and twenty-four other novels, has a deft touch for characterization. Lenora, Aiden, and other characters are vibrant and well drawn. In each scene, Kilpack plays with familiar stereotypes—the prim headmistress, the insolent student—but makes them feel fresh and relatable. The book includes characters who cope with anxiety and a learning disability.

Although Lenora initially finds comfort in doing the right thing, her adventure truly begins when she learns to do what is right for her. Miss Wilton’s Waltz charms in every chapter.

Reviewed by Claire Foster

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