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Lord Fenton's Folly

This heartwarming story is a journey into a period that is both proper and filled with healthy banter and dark family secrets.

Lord Fenton’s Folly, by Josi S. Kilpack, is a poignant love story set in the 1800s, delightfully filled with all of the appropriate social activities and clothing of that time, including the breeches and gowns—described in detail down to their colors and fabrics. Although this romance isn’t steamy or erotic, it is filled with exceptional characters.

It’s an endearing tale about the trials and tribulations of a young woman named Alice, who never quite found her legs in her family or society. She meets Lord Fenton, the trying young man of royalty she catches in a mischievous act—and falls completely in love. Alice eventually finds exceptional strength and confidence within a marriage of convenience, which ultimately spurs her flippant, drinking, flirting, and annoying husband to reconsider their obligatory relationship.

Alice finds herself in a world of royalty and responsibility that is unfamiliar, but she stays strong and true to herself, becoming a light that brings love and understanding into a family that is completely dysfunctional and sometimes sordid.

This heartwarming story is filled with healthy banter and dark family secrets, and is centered on a kind, beautiful, and intelligent young woman. The bonds that Alice forms with those around her are incredibly deep. There is plenty of perplexing mystery surrounding the difficult and unique relationship between her and Lord Fenton, who she sarcastically refers to as a “Peacock” because of the extravagant colors and fabrics he wears.

The author does a terrific job describing the intense and complicated relationships woven throughout the book, with many perfectly written and elegantly described social events, leaving just enough ambiguity to entice and engage her audience. The characters are not all perfect, as one might find in many romance novels; they are flawed and sometimes messy, making them relatable and believable enough to allow those sweet fantasies of a better life to be dreamed upon and savored. Although the grammar can be a bit rough around the edges, with some awkward sentence structures, the plot doesn’t disappoint. The storyline and the narrative are incredibly touching and thoroughly enjoyable.

This novel will be a joy for any lover of true romance, and with a G-rating, young women everywhere are bound to fill their days and nights dreaming of being in Alice’s shoes—marrying into royalty—regardless of the long-time-coming romantic overtures.

Reviewed by Tina Volpe

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