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A Call for Evolution Beyond Ego

Ken Wilbur, in his preface, says of the author: “He is not here to offer comfort; he is here to tear you into approximately a thousand pieces…so that Infinity can reassemble you, Freedom can replace imprisonment, Fullness can outshine fear.” Cohen’s aim in this latest work is to shake seekers to their very foundations while providing an awareness that this ego-death will result in the goal they seek. Cohen, author, speaker, and retreat leader, has been a teacher of enlightenment since 1986.

Cohen skillfully lifts the veils of illusion from his topic and combats the procrastination that keeps even devoted seekers from reaching their goal. As a test of the authenticity of his teaching, he offers simply this: that seekers ask if it works in real life. The methods of those both ancient and modern who are considered to have achieved enlightenment are seen without cultural reference and distilled in a manner that leaves no doubt about two things: that one must be ready to risk all, and that the reward is certainly worth such risk.

Cohen believes that ego death is the step that leads to awakening to who we are and what our true purpose is. He clearly differentiates his use of the term “ego” (excessive self-concern and denial of love leading to separation) and its use by psychologists (for whom it refers to the self-organizing principle that allows one to function in the world as a whole person). In carefully worded dialogue, the heart of all spiritual teaching is revealed: to see through illusions to the higher truth of who we are, and open the way for our full participation and the evolution of consciousness.

Spiritual seekers ready to take the path to freedom will find this book, in a word, enlightening.

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