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Little Mouse Gets Ready (Toon Books)

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TOON Books, established by the art editor for the New Yorker, Françoise Mouly, and Pulitzer Prize-winner Art Spiegelman, launches this book as its first for the very young. It does not disappoint. We challenge you to find storytelling more full of movement and emotion.

Little Mouse needs to get “ready” to go to the barn with his brothers and sisters. He thinks this means he needs to get dressed in underpants, socks, pants, etc. “Just be sure to get your tail in the hole!” Little Mouse’s overachievement sets up a lesson in order and anthropomorphism. Great stuff, and it’s all in the illustration, which is not at all the right word as the “graphic” is the principal player. And that’s not to say that the text is lacking-on the contrary, it leaves lots of holes for grunts and whoopees. An excellent book that makes light the serious work of getting dressed.

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