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Knowledge Revealed

Discover Hidden Secrets in the Bible for Those Who Want to Know More

Clarion Rating: 2 out of 5

The Bible can be studied in countless ways. Many readers follow the guidance of ordained ministers, historians, or professors. Others read the Book independently, choosing to process information in their own manner. A few search for holy enlightenment or revelation, a process that involves spiritual awakening in the eyes of clergy or Christian believers. Complications set in when interpretations are as varied as the people who seek individual illumination. Comprehension of the Bible is often based on variable ideals from differing cultural backgrounds.

In Knowledge Revealed, Sara M. Millard presents her personal journey, her deep discoveries, and her study methods in a notebook fashioned after a Sunday school diary. The book is divided into two parts and forty brief chapters, including, “Truinity: How to Know That the Three Are One,” “The Rapture: Fix upon These Scriptures,” and “The Antichrist: Will He Come from Syria?” Millard focuses on signs, symbols, and numbers with a delivery that verges on the mystical. She relies on direct quotes from the Bible to fill the pages rather than emphasizing her own analysis, so the author fades into the backdrop throughout much of the text. This excessive dependence on quoted material, which constitutes at least sixty percent, detracts from the quality of her presentation. Millard directs the reader to specific passages, instructing as well as describing her own experiences.

Millard classifies herself as a born again Christian. She’s been a student of the Bible for over seventy years—since she was ten years old. Like many Christians, she believes in the ability to receive revelations. She acknowledges that God may convey diverse messages to different people, yet she sees herself as a mouthpiece. This is a profound role to fill, but she does include a bibliography of sources. Millard uses various editions of the Bible, such as The Criswell Study Bible and The Scofield Reference Bible—Authorized King James Version, along with supplemental aids like Unger’s Bible Dictionary.

“I wish to share with others the precious truths that have been revealed to me by the Holy Spirit of God,” Millard writes in the first chapter. Her work is a storage chest loaded with Bible trivia that will fascinate even the most jaded reader, such as Nebuchadnezzar’s image versus the Antichrist’s image of the number “6,” and the relationship between stars, angels, and saints. Some sections, though anti-Semitic, discuss the special significance of Jerusalem and Rome in the book of Revelation. Millard even explains why Aaron’s rod was made of almond wood. For those who share her religious mindset, Knowledge Revealed may provide insight into esoteric matters that have escaped others in the course of learning.

Reviewed by Julia Ann Charpentier

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