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God Is Calling You to Change the World

The author is confident that today’s young Christians can move and change the world for better. “People either make things happen, watch things happen, or wonder…what happened?” writes Reid. He is determined to incite the necessary passion and conviction in the hearts of individuals so that they do not become hapless victims left shaking their heads in discouragement and dismay as society embraces an increasingly post-modern view of Christianity. On this premise of hope, possibility, and faith-driven persistence, Reid sets forth to convince readers from both a historical and present-day perspective that God wants to use teens and young adults to achieve a spiritual reawakening. The author outlines this plan by taking each part of practical faith and expounding on it segment by segment. Readers will find solid biblical resources and hands-on methodology for bringing substance to their relationship with Christ.

Reid, who is a college professor and author of Radically Unchurched and Raising the Bar, writes enthusiastically about embracing a visionary outlook, nurturing the passion that pushes past defeats, learning how to impact others’ lives effectively, and discovering the underlying biblical purpose for reaching out. He also discusses the ways that mission movements have changed history, getting excited about serving God, making the connection between private and public worship, choosing obedience over selfish endeavors, and the essentiality of walking with honest integrity.

While Reid frequently refers back to early church history citing well-known Christian fathers such as John Wesley, George Whitefield, and Jonathon Edwards, the author does so without merely offering dry statistical data of their influences on today’s church. Rather, Reid brings to life these church figures, making interesting comments about the men as real, flawed individuals whom God used despite their weaknesses. Each chapter is likewise complete with practical ways for Christians to further develop their personal faith journey. Readers will appreciate Reid’s ability to balance information with inspiration. Though a longtime college professor, this author understands that sharing information is unsuccessful if done without the heart behind the message. Clearly, Reid is personally passionate about his own relationship with Christ and his message is sure to be infectious when offered to the youth of today.

Reviewed by Michele Howe

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