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How to Activate Your Brain

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“After decades of intensive research into one of the greatest mysteries on earth—the human brain—there is absolutely no doubt that the brain has an extraordinary ability to restore its own functions.” That the brain can be activated or reactivated at virtually any age comes as very good news; an erroneous belief that brain cells do not regenerate has until debunked by new studies condemned the ill many of the aged and even the chronically over-stressed to lives filled with fear of continuous and irreversible mental decline.

Some of the factors impeding optimal brain function are experienced by the general population not just the ill or the elderly. These include reduced muscular activity information overload loud music trauma chronic stress and medical conditions. Symptoms of diminished brain activity may be as innocuous as weak decision-making skills and loss of interest in life or as obvious as difficulty walking and coordinating body movements including those of the fingers and hands. Deterioration can be so gradual that it may take years for a person to notice or admit that something is amiss.

Russian-born author Doctor Valentin Bragin M.D. Ph. D. is a psychiatrist and Founder and Medical Director of the Stress Relief and Memory Training Center in Brooklyn New York. He earned his Ph. D. at the Russian Medical Military Academy in Leningrad and worked in research at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York. His work with elderly patients has resulted in remarkable improvements in their reaction time co-ordination attention concentration and memory as well as renewed self-confidence and optimism. How to Activate Your Brain offers the results of his research: easy physical exercises most of which can be done seated (or even lying down with support) stress-relief techniques memory-strengthening exercises and information on the effects of food music and light on brain function.

How to Activate Your Brain is a practical guide to brain stimulation and its author is caring and encouraging every step of the way. Stories of success achieved by Bragin’s methods enliven the reading and the inclusion of more of these would give even greater inspiration. The large-print format easy-to-follow instructions and numerous photographs and diagrams make it easy for patients and/or their caregivers to understand the exercises. Users need only four things to do most of them: a pen (or pencil) and paper a clock with a second hand a tennis ball and a bottle of water.

Bragin states that he can “always zero in on the functions and movements that have not yet been touched by disease and… use them to counteract the process of disintegration and activate the brain.” His mission is to “educate people about the brain’s amazing capacity for self-repair and the possibility to activate brain function at any age starting today.” His work provides not only hope for those facing the possibility of mental decline but positive actions that can be taken to reverse one of the most feared aspects of aging.

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