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A Modern Approach to Baseball Skill Building

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The cover of this book is inviting, but the interior is a bit off-putting with its no-nonsense design and black and white illustrations. One is left with the initial impression that this is a dryly written, how-to manual. But those who look past the flat design are well-rewarded. McRae, a veteran coach who currently serves as coach of the Ontario Elite Youth Team, has written an excellent, well-organized book for junior high or high school coaches and players, as well as anyone seeking to bring a player’s abilities to a more sophisticated level.

Included is an overview of the game basics followed by detailed, easy-to-understand instructions for drills, including set-up, variations, and coaches tips, i.e., a specific suggestion for a high-powered hitter. The illustrated drills cover all aspects of play: throwing, hitting, catching, running bases, and infield and outfield play. Game strategies are not included as the goal of the book is to help improve individual performance.

The foreword was written by Michigan native Ernie Whitt, former player and coach for the Toronto Blue Jays. The back of the book includes a convenient section for coaches to take detailed notes. This book will help any baseball player—not just the gifted player—who is seeking to improve his or her game.

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