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Hidden Current

Both fantastical and a commentary on blind faith, Sharon Hinck’s exquisite Hidden Current kick-starts a magical new series centered around the power of dance and staying true to yourself.

A life spent learning intricate dance patterns culminates in one brutal final exam. Should Calara pass and the Order deem her appropriate, she will advance to the elite rank of Dancer and perform the magic that keeps the land of Meriel safe from temperamental earthquakes and weather. But Calara’s first connection with the center of the island shatters her worldview and sends her on a dramatic quest across the land to find her family and the truth of the Order.

Hidden Current evokes the majesty of the dancers with prose that features engaging rhythms and breathtaking poetry. The text veers in and out of dangerous situations and beautiful scenery with the steady alternation of a metronome. There are no wasted words or space; often, sentences are truncated to mimic abrupt tempo changes that foreshadow upcoming obstacles.

Calara’s journey from a naïve recruit to fighting for the truth is earned as she moves away from the Order and toward the rim of the island, where the land never settles. Her connections with the people and animals deepen the mysteries of Meriel.

Characters are realistic—often painfully so, including the dancers whom Calara leaves behind in the Order. They remain ignorant of the world at large while still devoting themselves to what they believe to be their sole purpose. Calara’s interaction with a herder colors her personality, resulting in a deep, rich relationship. The conclusion includes a tempting look forward to coming books.

Hidden Current blends faith and fantasy to tell a dazzling story of self-discovery.

Reviewed by John M. Murray

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