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Help is on the Way A Child's Book About ADD

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Using clear, simple language this book addresses the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorders). This book is organized step by step so that a young child with ADD will gain an understanding and maybe even a beginning acceptance of their problem. The main points presented are reassuring - that it is not a child’s fault if they have ADD and that help is available through group therapy or medication. The authors address two principle aspects of any disease, the emotional and the practical. While this is a nonfiction title, it’s presented almost as a picture book where the graphics play a role in the telling of the tale. Cartoon line drawings interact with the text in numerous ways including word balloons and expressive bubble letters. Each page is visually unique and yet there’s a sense of playfulness and lively energy that unifies the book. At times the exuberance of the presentation may overwhelm the message. The unsophisticated style of the art may distance an older audience who could also benefit from the information given, yet overall this book serves as a comforting guide both for the child with ADD and the adult caregiver. Six additional pages of information, which give details on the points addressed in the book, are included at the end.

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